Access to Court Records - Superior Court

Procedure for Inspection of the Court Records of Whitman County Superior Court

 Published pursuant to RCW 2.32.050 

General Access Information 

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining Whitman County Superior Court case records indefinitely. Court case records are open to the public, with some exceptions, and are available for viewing at no charge in the Clerk’s Office during business hours.

 Based on the Clerk’s scanning efforts, all new filings and many older filings are only available electronically. Paper filings are not always retained, except as required by statute. 

Older case files are stored in a secure, vaulted location. Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you wish to view a case file older than ten years. 

Listening to Recorded Proceedings in the Clerk’s Office

Individuals wishing to listen to previously recorded proceedings may do so in the Clerk’s Office.