Receipt of Funds

As the depository for all funds, fees collected by other county offices as well as those collected by the various districts are forwarded to the treasurer for custody. State and federal monies allocated to local governments are transmitted to the treasurer and are deposited to the proper funds in accordance with current statutes.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are a major source of revenue to local governments. Billed by the county treasurer, these taxes are distributed upon collection to the various school, county, city and district funds.

Special Assessments

The county treasurer also bills and collects special assessments authorized by the voters to fund improvements or to provide a specific service to property owners within a localized district.

Real Estate Excise Tax

In addition, the County Treasurer acts as agent for the Washington State Department of Revenue to administer and collect the real estate excise tax on the conveyance of real property. These taxes, which help fund the state public school system and local government capital improvements, are paid as a percentage of the sale price.