E-Filing and Ex Parte Orders

To Electronically Submit Ex-parte Orders(s) For Presentation

 1) Make an online payment of $30 per case using the case number as the Clerk’s Reference Number.

 2) Email a PDF of the order(s) plus the payment receipt to Clerk. You will receive a return email with the signed order(s).                

To E-file Documents with Whitman County Superior Court

 1) Prepare The Documents 

• Signatures must comply with Washington state’s General Rule 30(d)(2) 

• Each document to be filed must be saved in a separate PDF, black &white/greyscale format only, ready to upload. The clerk     cannot modify the PDF.

 • The name you choose for the PDF does not matter.

 2)  Make an online payment for conformed copies (if needed) and for any required case filing fees:

 • If you need conformed copies by email, make an make an online payment for .25 / page using the case number as the Clerk’s      Reference Number

• If this is a new case, make an online payment for the required filing fee using NEW CASE as the Clerk’s Reference Number 

• Upload the receipt(s) along with your documents

 3) Electronically File The Documents 

• Go to https://lf.whitmancountyclerkefile.net/ 

Register or log in with an existing account 

 •  Fill in the sections below: 

To: whitmancountyclerkefile@whitmancounty.net 

Subject: Case (the case number on the documents) 

Attached files: You may drag and drop into the box, or use the +Add Files icon 

Click Send on bottom left 

Efiling Example

4) Wait to receive an emailed acknowledgement that the documents have been filed

 • E-filings received by 5 pm on a weekday will be File Stamped on the date received. Documents received after 5 pm will be File Stamped on the next weekday date.

 • You may retrieve copies thru Odyssey Portal if you have a subscription. If you included a receipt for emailed copies, they will be returned to you via reply email.